Details of Education

For more than 15 years I have worked in the field of healing. I have been able to guide
many people on their very own, personal journey.

I have experienced innumerable miracles that surpass imagination. They are indeed
perceptible with visible, tangible outcomes and results.

A few years ago my enthusiasm – the kindling flame – was lit to pass on this valuable
knowledge to people like YOU. I wish to teach people who are receptive and ready to
step onto the Path to Joy and self-healing – miracles with DIVINEnergy.

With joy I offer you DIVINEnergy. YOU can learn spiritual healing just as I have learned
the power to heal – the power of healing.

These teachings, and the healing to be experienced, are very sensitive, intimate and
personal. Because quality and professionalism is paramount to me, I will keep this
session to a maximum of eight participants.


The teaching

You will learn different techniques and methods to independently transfer powerful,
light-filled energies to others and to activate the self-healing powers of humans in order
for healing to be experienced. With DIVINEnergy it will also be possible for you to work
with and without physical contact and on the spiritual level.

Through DIVINEnergy you will be enabled to go your way with a high level of
professionalism, beauty, love, perfection, mastery and healing to bring your God-given
gifts into the world.

I have selected the most effective techniques for self-healing and it is my pleasure and
honor to share with you DIVINEnergy.
If the human being is healthy, then too, is the planet. I consider it my responsibility to
share the all my knowledge and wisdom to wholeheartedly support and encourage the
proliferation of spiritual healing.

Keep in mind this course and these teachings are based on my personal knowledge
and experience. I do not claim to be an authority on healing, nor do I claim the course is
comprehensive in nature. The knowledge to be gained and the possibilities to be
experienced are limitless.

The training includes:

Learning the energy transfer of DIVINEnergy with and without touch
• Metamorphosis
• Craniosacral bodywork
• The inauguration into the mental alchemy to be able to independently carry out
radiation conversions for mobile phones, vehicles, apartments, houses,
• Practical techniques utilizing the knowledge of soul communication and aura

Duration and dates of training:

The training includes 2 intensive blocks:

    • 24.04. bis 28.04.2020 Part I
    • 16.10. bis 20.10.2020 Part II
    • 23.10. bis 27.10.2020 Part I
    • April 2021 Part II


(Course dates subject to change)

Cost of course and education

Energy balance: 7300,- Euro

incl. accomodation in a two bedroom, vegan/vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner, all documents

With the writen registering, a deposit of  2750,- Euro is payable. The balance of 4550,- Euro or 650,- Euro every month(7 month) is to be remitted upon commencement of training.

If you cancel…

  • up to 30 days before start of training 20%
  • up to 20 days before start of training 30%
  • up to 10 days before start of training 50%
  • 9 days before start of training 100%

…will be withheld from the deposit.

If the training is discontinued, no refund of the deposit or monthly installments made up
to that date is possible.


Seminarhaus Shanti

Bad Meinberg