About me


My path of awakening began with yoga in January 2003.

Ever since that year my life gradually and fundamentally changed for the better. As I started perceiving my environment more sensitively, I realized my purpose lies in passing on my experience and acquired knowledge that I´ve gained through this unique training. Motivated by the joy of teaching and the positive changes that I could see in my students, I pursued and developed a higher understanding with the help of education, which eventually led me to Switzerland and the country of yoga´s origin – India.

Another door opened in 2007 when spiritual healing entered my life. Over the years my yoga and meditation practice evolved and shifted towards spiritual healing. A flame was kindled inside of me which impassioned me to pursue and complete a variety of diverse trainings at various schools for spiritual healing. That same passionate flame gravitated me towards sharing my knowledge with people of all walks of life. My path of self-healing and sharing what I´ve experienced and learned, guided me to develop my own customized spiritual healing training called DIVINEnergy.

I am filled with deep gratitude for the blessings and the grace that have guided me, for it is them that have allowed me to meet all the wonderful people whom I have come to know and who have become my teachers.

Lots of Love, Sunita


Light Worker

Yoga- & Meditationscoach

Spiritual Lifecoach

World Peace Meditation

I felt a call to share this meditation with you. We all create the world around us with our thoughts, but especially with our feelings.

I am happy to create peace all over the world with you, as a union. Because we are all interconnected and we have the power to make the changes we want to see and experience in the world.

Through practicing this meditation regularly, whilst creating your own inner pictures and emotions, you will create an outstanding powerful energy. Just like ripples in the water your energy will expand.

You are powerful beyond measurements!

Why I do what I do

My path started in 2003 with my Yoga Teacher Training.

Initially, I found my way to Yoga because of some serious, persistent back pain and several spine surgeries, visits to specialised clinics and various doctors that all had no positive effect.

In my darkest moments of desperation, I suddenly had an AHA-moment where I finally understood that nobody but myself could help me.

This is when I first turned to a regular Yoga practice and I noticed that the asana practices had a soothing effect on my back, but after practicing Yoga for a year, I had to stop due to some financial issues.

One day, out of the blue I got a call from one of my former Yoga class mates, who´d begun teaching himself, asking me to cover for him and teach his class. I thought to myself “WHAT?! GOD NO I can´t”.
But this moment changed my path forever. He had triggered my interest in becoming a Yoga Teacher. So, after some profound research on the matter I asked my former boss for a four-week holiday in which I did my first 4 weeks’ intensive course to become a Yoga teacher.
These four weeks not only changed my professional career, but everything in my life – my body, my beliefs, my view of the world, my way of thinking, eating – simply my whole life!

I had finally woken up out of my autopilot mode!

I was so curious and restless and I couldn’t stop learning. I was so passionate about this that I never felt satisfied and kept looking to learn more and more.

After the Yoga Teacher Training I started teaching, opened my own Yoga centre and not once closed it down to go on a holiday. I only ever closed it if I went away on workshops or other educational events and finally became a Yoga Therapist.

During this time, I travelled to India several times, to practice and learn from high vibrant rituals, sitting in the presence and surrounded by the energy of very wise men, studying Sanskrit and further pushing my spiritual growth, that was unstoppable.

It seems apparent that my path led me to energy healing. It began with trying out Reiki, further on becoming a craniosacral therapist and finally being introduced to energy healing in 2012. The first time I encountered the enormous high energy, that wasn´t comparable with Reiki at all, my path changed its course to where I am today.

But this wasn´t the end. In 2017 I was guided to a wonderful man and healer, whom transferred an enormous, high frequency, powerful and intelligent energy on to me. Thanks to this universal energy I am able to straighten and realign the spine, even out misaligned shoulder blades and hips, and even out a length difference in the legs.

The treatment goes far beyond the body effects though. You can see and feel the body effects, but the far greater change is on the soul- and emotional level.

Our energy centres, the chakras, are running along our spine with our main energy channel running through the middle. This is also where our Prana is flowing, the Yogis are waiting for the Kundalini (life force) to raise. But how could energy be flowing freely, when our spine is uneven?

I´ve started to treat various ailments and issues of people as well as animals (horses and dogs) and experienced a huge, amazing success. The people I treated changed their lives around and raised their quality of life immensely. Clients with Insomnia due to a restless legs syndrome finally found healthy sleep. Clients who had taken heavy painkillers for many years prior to the energy healing, ended up not needing them anymore. I was able to heal knee and/or shoulder problems, even fixated finger joints or mental impairments.

The life I had created for myself was full of magic and wonders.

The most significant healing I was fortunate enough to witness was the healing of a horse that was used for children therapies. The veterinarian was about to put the horse down due to the inability to walk, when I got the opportunity to try my healing therapy on it.

Today, the horse is still alive and well, jumping around on the fields again.

After the Divine Spine Realignment, the energy centres are back in balance and harmony. Prana (the Energy) can flow freely and old blockages as well as scab formations resolved.

After the treatment, you will experience more life force, more lightness, more creativity, a higher intuition with your path and your soul purpose suddenly becoming clear. You will be more independent and free to do the things you want to do. Many clients describe easier breathing, feeling grounded and stabilised. They can sit and stand straight effortlessly.

They describe stepping out into the world with an abundance of energy, positivity and happiness.

All these changes have been reported back to me from my clients, but I can never make promises beforehand, just like no doctor makes false promises in advance. It is also influenced by every individual – how much of they´re willing to let go, how much they´re ready to take responsibility for their own lives. Some are holding on to old burdens, don´t want to change their thoughts, their beliefs or simply want to stay in the role of a victim.

That´s ok as well – they just need more time than others. Everybody has their own speed and there´s nothing wrong with that. It is our soul that chooses this experience.

I see my duty in sharing my gifts with the people and the world, to change the energy of the world to a higher frequency.

I want to heal not only the bodies of my clients, but their minds and souls. I want them to find their true purpose and live a self-determined life full of self-love, self-worth and confidence. I hope to inspire people to live their truest, rawest version of themselves, welcoming healing and their higher self into their lives.

We are the creator of our own reality and the world around us.
Change yourself and you will change your world.

Talk to and treat yourself like you´d treat your best friend.

Don´t give someone else the power to dim your light with their actions and remember, whatever happens in your life, you are a unique, powerful light and the cracks in our surface are where our light can shine through.

Don´t forget that everything that happens in your life is a blessing, a blessing to grow and learn from. So, don´t ask “why always me” but “what can I learn from this”.

The DIVINEnergy healing is for people who are ready to step into a self-determined life, to take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts and that are ready to heal themselves.

It takes a lot of courage to take the leap into the unknown. With the ailments that we´ve been carrying with us for several years, we know what we get. But if we take the step towards healing, if we turn our backs on the familiar pain, we don´t know what might be waiting for us. Life is suddenly not foreseeable anymore. New opportunities arise. But that can be scary too. What if we have been hiding behind our ailments, because we are afraid?

Courage is not about being completely fearless. It´s about feeling fear and moving forward anyway. You are never going to feel 100% ready. You will never reach that moment when you feel 100% fearless as the stars align.

Remember this and just begin. Begin your transformation. This moment is as good as any, because we all have little time in this world and no moment can ever be relived.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by moments where you face your fears and see that they are only in your head. No one can make this decision for you and no one can walk this path for you. So, it is up to you. Walk with courage, love and faith. It will serve you well.

True Healing comes from within.

– Unknown –