Healing methods


Gratitude and Forgiveness are the key to a life full of abundance.


The Atlas

The Atlas is the highest cervical vertebra and is misaligned or dislocated most people. This anomaly is suspected of being the cause of many physical and mental disorders as the spinal cord and nerves are under constant pressure. The disorders can be various and serious, but can´t explicitly be listed here due to the german “Heilmittelwerbegesetz”.

The energetic realignment and repositioning of the Atlas is achieved by energetic impulses which activate the self-healing powers of the body. When self-healing powers are activated, self-regulation becomes possible.

Craniosacral Bodywork

Craniosacral bodywork is a gentle yet profound manual technique for sensing and releasing deep-seated tensions and adhesions in the tissues of the body.
Blockages or traumas that have manifested in the tissue can be dissolved, so that the craniosacral system can be brought to harmony.

Blocked energies can flow freely and unhindered, the self-healing powers will be activated, the immune system is strengthened and stress is reduced in order for the body and soul to find harmony.

Spine Realignment

True physical healing only happens on a divine-spiritual level. It evokes life and works its way from there through the soul into the spine and animates cells of the body to renew, restore and perfect themselves.
Once the doors of our inner being are open and the body-mind-spirit-system is connected thanks to the realignment, a new powerful and salvific vibration has the chance to fill our lives. New consciousness radiates and flows through every cell of our body. The divine consciousness has awakened.

The power of the DIVINE Spine Realignment is omnipresent in a matter of seconds, manifested in us omnisciently and omnipotently. This higher intelligence knows what is beneficial for mankind and what must be done for harmony and healing.


Aura surgery

Since physical impairments are also present in the aura, physical and mental blockages can be resolved on this level. Strains of any sort, ailments, allergies, even physical manifestations and conditions that we can observe with the human eye can be positively influenced.

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic record is like the memory of the universe or the universal library of life. It keeps records of what we humans have experienced, who we are and what we will experience in the future. It is knowledge on a spiritual level that is subject to a very high vibration.

Energy clearing - spiritual alchemy

Energetic clearing/spiritual alchemy causes an immediate bioelectric discharge of the human body, as well as eliminating interference fields, while providing energy optimization for apartments, land, public and private buildings as well as protecting against future interference stress.


Quantum Healing

An efficient healing to dissolve troubled or chronic topics in your life or symptoms and kickstart positive Transformation


Emotional Unwinding Coaching

Emotional Unwinding Technique is a unique method of energetic spiritual healing combined with elements of Coaching.

 By offering a safe and deeply held healing space for the client, the practitioner is able to reach the subconsciousness of the client, where old trauma or painful memories are stored. 

Emotional Unwinding is a technique that supports the individual to dissolve emotional blockages and free yourself and others from old obstructive beliefs. Powerful negative emotions are transformed into positive and expansive feelings and thoughts.

Distance Healing

all techniques are also possible as distance healing.


Spine Realignment

more Spine Realignment healing session videos


The Wonders of my Spine realignment

This transformation of a Scoliosis of a 13 year old girl has truly been staggering. Witness how her severe scoliosis has slowly been healing and straightening with just a few sessions. This is one of many success stories of my spine realignment treatment. 

A Twist of 105 degrees before treatment

The result after only eight sessions – 66 degrees


Are you suffering from:

  • Backpain?
  • Scoliosis?
  • Knee Problems?
  • Fatigue?
  • Exhaustion?
  • Stress?
  • Burnout?
  • Restless Legs?

The Spine is the foundation of our Well-Being.

The spine is the foundation of our well-being. Having proper alignment means so much more than maintaining a good posture.
When your spine is aligned, it can help prevent long-term pain and other symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, stress, burnout and restless legs.
Misalignment therefore, does not only impair your range of motion, your nerves and organs, but your quality of life.

When your spine is misaligned, there is also a blockage in your main energy channel (sushumna), which prevents your body from activating its self-regulating, self-healing powers.

The DIVINE spine Realignment is an immediately visible and successful spiritual healing!
it works beyond simple physical healing and touches the light and energy within you. It reconnects your body-mind-spirit system and fills your whole being with new life.

It will not only stop your year-long suffering, but change your way of living and thinking. It shifts your consciousness and makes you come alive. Say yes to ending a life in autopilot and welcome a life full of abundance and mindfulness.


DIVINEnergy always begins to heal where one needs it the most.

With the help of powerful impulses from this healing energy, physical and spiritual problems dissolve themselves.
The human thereby encounters a new body experience, deep relaxation and the beginning of a healing process, free from pain, blockages and limitations.

By restoring the free flow of our life force, even persistent, destructive thought- and behavioural patterns can be let go of.  With the help of reoccurring impulses, it is possible to treat emotional ailments like depression or compulsive disorders successfully.

Even in critical life events, such as separation from your spouse, mourning, existential danger as well as terminal care or supportive therapy in accordance to medical treatment, DIVINEnergy can be a strong support system by freeing one of fear. This can be attained by experiencing mercy and restoration of the connection between ones inner Power and ones’ centre.

DIVINEnergy is THE power, that reinforces any Healing method.

The list of “areas of application” is almost unlimited and therefore impossible to name here.

I am more than happy to consult you before any healing session on the phone.


Before and After


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