“A human being is fully equipped with all necessary healing powers, but does not know their usage. The moment he comes in touch with the healing potentials within, he can heal himself and others.”

Swami Rama

What is spiritual healing

Spiritual healing – healing with the power of mind and thoughts with only pure intention.
Many do not believe in spiritual healing, as Christian Morgenstern says:
“What’s not allowed just cannot be.”

But with the power of DIVINEnergy, the healing is visible and palpable.
The magic is in YOUR hands! As Wilhelm Bittner says in the book Magic and Miracles
of Healing:

“So nothing stands in the way of the assumption that God has given supernatural
powers to people who aspire to virtue and truth, and has given the power to bring about
a supernatural effect of grace through physical, that is to say, one’s touch.”


What are the requirements to become a healer

EVERYONE can heal. Just as I have learned to practice healing through in-depth and
diverse training, YOU can learn these methods, too. The prerequisite is balanced
mental health, which requires the abstinence of alcohol and drugs.

There are numerous techniques of which I have selected the most effective ones for my
work. It is a pleasure and an honor to share them with YOU. When humans are healthy,
so is the planet. Therefore, I feel my responsibility is to share spiritual healing to the
best of my ability in the hope others will carry on the tradition of the healing art of

DIVINEnergy is the result of my personal knowledge and experience; therefore, it is not
exhaustive. And the possibilities are unlimited! DIVINEnergy is the highest, purest, most
luminous and sublime energy that keeps filling me with deep love, gratitude and

Additional information

The training is limited to eight participants to assure I can provide personal attention to
and care for each student. A small, intimate group makes it possible for me to
guarantee the highest professional quality throughout the course.

The Training will consist of:


Craniosacral bodywork

The introduction to mental alchemy to independently carry out energetic clearing
of mobile phones, apartments, houses etc.

Practical techniques utilizing the knowledge of soul communication and aura


We work with a pure heart and pure hands, with radiant healing powers of Divine Origin,
Divine Wisdom and Goodness. We are mediators and healers.

Be aware of the deep meaning of a warm, sincere handshake or a reassuring hand on
the forehead or shoulder. These physical, healing contacts have an unspeakably deep
meaning as this is not just an external touch from one body to another, but a deep,
mysterious touch from mind to mind – from soul to soul.


“Use your GOD given gifts to serve others and your heart to love.”