Healing Methods

Healing Methods

DIVINE Spine Realignment

The spine is the pillar of our life. If body-mind health ailments manifest, they not only
affect our musculoskeletal system, but also nerves and organs. All organs are
connected with the spine or spinal canal by the spinal nerves. Health ailments are also
noticeable on the energetic level, as our main energy channel (sushumna) also runs
down the central channel of the spinal column. With the initiation of healing, the
energetic spine can be reopened by activating the self-healing powers. This is done
without contact.

Are you suffering from?

Back pain



Stiff spine or neck

Out of balance hip

Shoulder problems

Knee problems

How is your permanet pain effecting your Life, your partner, your kids, your Quality of life, your family, your work?

Have you gone to too many doctors to fix?

Are you wasting time and money trying to fix your back?

Do you feel your going to be in pain for the rest of your life?

How would it be?

Wake up in the morning full of energy and positivity and doing the things in your life you really wanna do.

Would you like to have your sparkes back?

DIVINE Spine Realignment – an outstanding, unique method to raise your energy level to new hights and to transform your life.

DIVINE Spine Realignment will  align your spine and build the stregth and power you need to be at the top of your game. It will help you to become happier, reenergised so you will

Feel Free to Life


How does a Devine Spine Realignment session work?

Physical healing happens only on the divine – spiritual level. It calls forth life and works from there over the soul into the spine and it acts cells of the body in the sense of a renewal, restoration and perfection.

Once the inner doors of our being, thanks to the realignment, are open and the body-mind-spirit system is connected, a new powerful and salvific vibration can fill our lives. New consciousness radiates and flows through every cell of our body. The divine consciousness has awakened in human cells.

The power of the DIVINE Spine Realignment is omnipresent in a matter of seconds, omniscient and omnipotent manifested in us. This higher intelligence, knows what is for the benefit of man and what must be done.

The DIVINE Realignment oft the spine is an immediately visible and successful spiritual healing!

It will be measured before and after so you can see the results.

The DIVINE Spine Realignment is the visible light and  love of the source in action – as far as it corresponds to the free will of man.

It is NOT a therapy or treatment in the conventional medical or therapeutic sense.

It has nothing to do with manipulation of consciousness, hypnosis, or other human-engineered techniques for altering the body.

And there is some more! What if I told you that

Tension in your body




Restless legs

Sleep problems



And so much more is caused from your back

All these can go away from a DIVINE Spine Realignment!


This high vibrant, intelligent energy is working on a soul-level and will stop your suffering, change the way of living and thinking.

There is no more need to suffer!

The DIVINE Spine Realignment is a ones in a lifetime performance and the Energy exchange is 180 AUD per Person and 90 AUD for children till 18 of age.

For couples 150 AUD each and your children (till 14 of age) are for free.

10 % of your payment will go to charity

What the clients say:

Through the act of realigning you straighten yourself literally and physically . Sunita touched my back and felt a slight imbalance of my two shoulder blades, wich I realized, without her mentioning it. In the lower part of my spine, there was another slight unbalance, due to one vertebra not being perfectly aligned, wich in knew. I lay down on the bed and Sunita didn’t touched me, but the effect of realigning was there directly . Healing took place in the here and now. Her energy and connectedness to her wisdom and my trust in her, made this healing experiences so fruitful. After i got up i felt like newly born and light like a feather. My breathing was completely free, free of blockages. I was completely at ease. And my slight unbalances were gone. When Sunita realignt my two years old son, who lay on my tummy, he got up straight when her energy touched his. It was like a flash of energy passing through his back and straightening it. He smiled. We are straight and I thank you from my heart, dear Sunita, for this beautiful moment we shared. Laura

Prior to adjustment and straightening of the my spine I felt empty, listless and stressed. As soon as Sunita commenced her treatment I felt a pleasant sensation in my arms and legs. The feeling then spread through the whole of my body. Ever since then I feel very energised with a great zest for life. I cannot thank you enough for your priceless work. Julia

My treatment from Sunita included the straightening of the vertebrae and realigning of my legs to a common length. I clearly felt the change come over my legs and the adjustment was completed in an atmosphere of very positive energy. Brad

My session with Sunita exceeded my expectations. She created a safe space for me to feel comfortable and to let her healing energy flow through me. During the session I felt free and elevated, I was vibrating on a higher frequency and I knew at that moment that my body was different, it had let go of the pain and the past. The most amazing thing was that my body continued to heal for weeks after that session. Thank you so much Sunita you are definitely a true healer with the most peaceful and nurturing energy that I have ever experienced. Fabiola Secaira

What an amazing day. I’m still buzzing about the whole Healing Session.I am so glad I met you so you could help my back and my foot. I am amazed with you and your healing. Thank you so much. Brian

I met Sunita by chance on my morning ride. As we chatted I realised she had a certain glow of happiness about her. Apon reading her panphlet about the Divine Realignment Healing I was excited to try this as I have suffered back problems for years. During the healing I felt sensations almost indescribable. A release of energy that had me standing tall and level shoulders my legs level my posture normal not hunched for the first time in years. It was an amazing healing that I will never forget thank you Sunita you are a Ray of sunshine. Brian Ison

I had a devine spine realignment from Sunita and I could not believe how amazing she is after straightening my spine and shoulder blades in only one session.Before I was hunched over and struggling from years of pain with having to visit massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncture. One month later and my spine is still straight I walk upright and am finally pain free. I’m still scratching my head after trying to figure out how she did it just check out the shoulder difference in the image below!!! All I can say is. Just book an appointment with Sunita and experience this unique healing modality.Thank you for bringing your magic to Australia Sunita, I’m forever Grateful for your help to heal my life.Leith James
Sound Practitioner

I had the spinal alignment with Sunita 8 weeks ago. I felt the energy gently passing through my body during the alignment and when I stood up I felt the most grounded and connected to the earth I had ever felt. I felt solid and strong and balanced.
Since the alignment my inner and external world has also come into alignment; lots of releasing and letting go effortlessly of situations and people who are no longer in alignment with my journey; it has been and continues to be a deepening connection with self and my purpose. Blessings and gratitude beyond words 🙏 
After suffering from scoliosis for 20 years and trying many things to relieve it I could not believe the instant result Sunita treatment has given me. I am now pain free with a subtle and flexible spine and enjoying the new freedom in my body and spirit. As a bonus my deeply traumatised knee joint ( surgery 30 years ago) could readjust itself and can now bravely step into the world. Daniela
I was told about what her healing could do by a friend, and I had to try it out myself. Both me and my husband had her straighten our spines. We were simply mind blown! We could instantly see and feel the difference. I’ve since had her work on other ailments and each time continue to be amazed at the process and the results.
I now tell everyone in need/pain about Sunita and how she can heal through manipulating energies.
It may be one of those things you have to see to believe, but when you see… WOW!! You’ll wonder why not more people seek this form of healing.
She is a beautiful light in the world that is driven by integrity and intuition! I am so grateful to have met Sunita! 🙏🏼 😇 💙Jess Cameron

Aura surgery

Since physical impairments are also stored in the aura, physical and mental blockages
can be resolved here. Strains of any kind, ailments, allergies etc., even physical
manifestations and conditions that we can observe can be positively changed.

Quantum healing by 2-point method

An efficient way to transform even seemingly difficult or chronic life issues, symptoms
and scenes of everyday life into positive change.


Craniosacral bodywork

Craniosacral bodywork is a gentle yet profound manual technique for sensing and
releasing deep-seated tensions and adhesions in the tissues of the body.

Blocked or traumatized structures in the tissue can be dissolved, so that the
craniosacral system in the body can be brought to harmony.

Blocked energies can flow free and unhindered, the self-healing powers will be
activated, the immune system is strengthened and stress is reduced in order that body
and soul can find harmony.


The Atlas

The atlas is the highest cervical vertebra; it is crooked or dislocated in most people. This
anomaly is suspect in being the cause of many physical and mental disorders as the
spinal cord and nerves are under pressure. This condition can lead to various and
sometimes serious problems, which are not listed here pursuant to the

The energetic remobilization and repositioning of the atlas is targeted by energetic
impulses which activate the self-healing powers of the body. When self-healing powers
are activated, self-regulation becomes possible.


Energetic clearing of buildings and living space

Energetic clearing causes an immediate bioelectric discharge of the human body, as
well as completely eliminating interference fields while providing energy optimization for
apartments, land, public and private buildings as well as protecting against future
interference stress.


Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic record is a memory of the universe or the universal library of life. In it is recorded what we humans have experienced, who we are and what we will experience in the future. It is a spiritual level of knowledge that is subject to a very high vibration.

From the Akashic record one can read the causes of all of our life tasks and learning challenges. But it does not only shares its knowledge of the causes with us, but also how we can resolve the obstacles and blockages that we encounter repeatedly in our lives.

A reading in the Akashic records is about self-discovery, awareness, and the dissolution of
blocked patterns. It has nothing to do with prophecies or predictions.
The Akashic record answers all questions. But the path has to be walked by oneself,
because that’s the only way to achieve self-empowerment.

A reading lasts up to one and a half hours and can be performed in person or over the phone.


Distance healing

all techniques are also possible as distance healing.