What is DIVINEnergy Healing

DIVINEnergy is a form of spiritual healing. Through impulses, the energy level of the
client increases enormously and in the shortest possible time. The healing process
works with or without the laying of hands on the client. The self-healing powers will be
activated and the body can begin to find its optimum balance as this is the ultimate goal.
Spiritual healing happens on a higher level that is not perceptive to our mind. My
intention is to promote healing and well-being without influence or adverse side effects. I
address the source of the symptom on a spiritual-emotional level rather than the
symptom itself



How does DIVINEnergy work

Everything in the universe is vibration, and energy flows everywhere. If this flow of
energy is obstructed, this blockage is transmitted to the vibrations. Respectively, the
vibrations will operate at a lower frequency, which can lead to disease.
If the flow of a creek is disrupted by a fallen tree, then the result is a potential blockage
that diverts the natural flow of the water. If not cleared, the blockage continues to build
up. When the water level rises due to rain or snowmelt, the tree and debris that has
accumulated will be swept away by the flood. The free unhindered flow is possible
Since the energy transfer of DIVINEnergy stimulates an enormous vibrational flow in the
body, life vitality can flow freely and unhindered. This natural and rhythmic flow is what
activates the self-healing powers of the body.
DIVINEnergy radiates in the human cosmic body and is therefore free of any body or
mind influence. By increasing the overall energy level, the consciousness of the receiver
rises. Positive and constructive thinking can now take place.

What does the treatment look like

From time immemorial, there were clairvoyants who helped people to heal by laying
hands on them. From a holistic perspective and by integrating timeless spiritual
principles, this form of energetic healing has undergone a modern day revolution for our
times and needs.
Looking into the eyes of one in need of healing and speaking to him/her, connecting
with, caring for and touching his/her from the heart awakens a tremendous power – the
power of healing. It is more than an external, physical touch. It is a deep, profound,
mind-to-spirit contact from one soul to another, full of universal love and goodness.
It is not necessary that the client removes his or her clothes or brings special garments
for the healing treatment session. To be completely relaxed, the client will lie on the
couch. Hands are laid directly on parts of the body experiencing pain or discomfort. If
laying of hands directly on the body is not possible due to wounds or other physical
conditions, the procedure is performed in close proximity to the body without actual
contact. As a general guide, a remedial healing session lasts for approximately one


There are no diagnoses or promises of healing. Due to the Heilmittelwerbegesetz, I am
not allowed to publish any claims regarding the healing experience to be explored.